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Precision Sewers:
The Trenchless Experts

My name is Patrick Bailey and I have been a licensed plumber for 14 years. In that period of time I have done over a thousand sewer installations... some easy, some hard, and many have fallen somewhere in between. I take great pride in the fact that in all those installations, I have never had a failed system. Not even one! My experience and equipment put me ahead of my competition. It is no surprise that I am continually called by homeowners and cities when a tough job needs to be resolved. (I like normal installations too!... it's kinda like having a day off).

The business of installing sewers can be messy and destructive... especially if you don't know what you're doing. I am passionate about this business and have perfected my techniques. Techniques, for example, that allow me to install a trenchless sewer where there was never a sewer to begin with. (Try calling my competition and see how many can do that.) The reality of installing sewers is that we cannot pick up the soil like a piece of carpet and look underneath. My experience allows me to anticipate unforeseen problems in advance, and that saves you money. That is why I named my business Precision Sewers. I work hard to get it right each and every time.

My guarantee

Precision Sewers guarantees that your sewer will be free of failure for a period of 10 YEARS. If at any time your sewer does not function properly and is the result of negligence on our part during the course of installation, Precision Sewers will provide the parts and labor to make the necessary corrections free of charge*. Basically, if we did something wrong, then we are going to fix it - no questions asked. We have to be this good. We are Precision Sewers.

*Cost of permits, if applicable, is excluded. This guarantee applies to claims dealing with complete sewer replacements and must be made by the person or persons named on the original permit.